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Healthy & well-balanced meals for schools

Farsi is a proud and growing catering concept, focusing on healthy and balanced meals now serving 10 schools with more than 3000 students. Farsi has a passionate workforce including experienced kitchen staff that are creative in food and healthy concepts.
We value the necessity of a healthy lifestyle, and the benefits of a well- balanced nutritious meal and our goal are to be able to gain the trust of parents knowing that each child’s health is our ultimate priority.

Signed contracts with all Iranian schools in Dubai

Signed yearly contracts with Universities, Clinics, Government & Private Offices.

Serving 2 branches in Dubai & 9 branches all over the world.

Signed yearly contracts with the airline industry.

Exceptional Quirks for schools

Sourcing the best quality snacks & beverages from choice partners.

Decreasing obesity with increased tasteful healthy options.

We adapt to the schools unique environment with dedicated services.

We cover school events with our professional team for events.

Exposing students to diverse cuisine with our international themed menus.

Promoting awareness regarding healthier food choices.

We cook with farm fresh ingredients and raw material.

Our chefs put in their heart, soul and care to prepare the best for the students.

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